The following is a list of completed projects that I have undertaken.

new york

The following is a selection of photos I made in New York in September 2017. Images shot with Cinestill 800T and Nikon F3.


This is a project I have begun whilst spending the summer of 2017 in San Diego. 

Images currently shot on Cinestill 800T with Nikon F3.

Christmas 2016

This is a project I shot over Christmas 2016. I shot this project on 35mm film. The film used was Ilford Delta 3200 with a Canon AE-1 w/ 50mm f/1.4 lens, and a Nikon F3 w/35mm f/2 lens.

What I sought to capture with this project was the love and joy that my family experiences over the holidays. It's the only time of year we see each other which makes it hugely important for me. I wanted to capture what I call the "in-between" moments, the moments between everyone noticing you had a camera pointed at them, the natural expression that comes with being happy celebrating special times with loved ones. 



This is a project that I have started to challenge myself with my photography.

What I am trying to achieve by photographing central bank is to try to tell a story based around a location. I am going to continually photograph this one loaction from various perspectives around the city to tell a story. This project is a work in progress.